Braveheart Sporrans

Braveheart Products are handcrafted Sporrans made with pride and care in South Africa according to traditional leather working methods by Mike Jackson, a British ex-pat of Scottish ancestry.

Manufactured from locally sourced as well as exotic hides, skins and furs, the variety of Sporrans produced includes day sporrans, semi-dress sporrans and formal evening wear sporrans.
All hides and furs are ethically and legally aquired and no hides or furs of endangered species are used in the manufacture of Braveheart Products sporrans.
All the Sporrans are hand made at all stages of manufacture and each sporran is a "one off" unique sporran.  Orders can also be placed for the manufacture of sporrans for pipe bands, schools and groups where a uniform sporran design with specific insignia or decoration included in the design is required. 
Orders can also be placed for the manufacture of sporrans to a specific custom design or for sporrans in a particular hide or fur.  Sporrans can also be made from hide and fur supplied by the customer if desired.  
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